90% of management failure has little to do with technical skills

At dancing lion, we often are asked to provide programmes in management skills such as, planning and recruitment, decision making, time management, delegation, troubleshooting performance problems and more.

Whilst these are all useful, the behaviour that managers actually demonstrate in their work is more often determined by their concealed attitudes than their skill level.

For example, areas such as their:

  • Self esteem
  • Need to be liked or loved.
  • Need for control

We have found that:

  • Developing confidence and self- acceptance are often the missing links in positive self-esteem. Unless managers have positive self-esteem it is difficult for them to develop others.
  • The degree to which control is required is different for each of us, but as managers rise through an organisation they usually have to learn to give up overt control and exercise indirect control. 
  • Unless managers are aware of their own need to be liked or loved they will be unable to manage conflict effectively.

If it sounds daunting to address these areas, it needn’t be. An effective  management training programme works with attitude, skills and behaviour. 

If you lead a team you cannot MAKE your managers develop but you can provide opportunities for them to learn and support them in applying that learning .

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